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The Hospital

St Vincent's Healthcare Campus

St Vincent's & Mater Health Sydney comprises St Vincent's Hospital and Community Health Services, Sacred Heart Hospice, St Vincent's Private Hospital and the Mater Hospital, North Sydney.

SV & MHS was established in January 2001 by the merger of the Sisters of Charity Health Services at Darlinghurst and the Mater Hospital, which was owned and operated by the Sisters of Mercy.

Providing services in public and private health care sectors, the hospitals and their associated services incorporate more than 50 inpatient and outpatient departments, units and centres. They provide acute medical, surgical, obstetric and diagnostic services in a comprehensive range of specialties; sub-acute services (palliative care and rehabilitation); medical and nursing teaching and research; mental health services; drug and alcohol services; and general community health programs.

SV & MHS forms part of the Sisters of Charity Health Service - Australia's largest not-for-profit, non-government health care provider.

St Vincent's Bone & Joint is a private Orthopaedic surgical practice established in 1988 which operates only from St Vincent's Clinic and St Vincent's Private Hospital, Sydney. We specialise exclusively in all aspects of hip and knee surgery.

St Vincent's Clinic

The Mission of St Vincent's Clinic

St Vincent's Clinic is a multi-disciplinary medical and surgical Clinic of excellence, providing a comprehensive range of investigative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients referred for health care.

Operating in accordance with the Philosophy of the Sisters of Charity Health Service, all at St Vincent's Clinic are committed to providing patient care of the highest standard and to the pursuit of professional excellence.

For more information, please contact the main reception on:
Phone: (02) 8382 6222
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Rehabilitation Units

We are great believers in the value of post-operative inpatient hydrotherapy and rehabilitation following joint replacement surgery. This can be provided locally through the St Vincents Private Hospital Rehabilitation unit, Wolper Jewish Hospital in Woollahra or St Luke's Hospital in Pott's Point, Sydney. They all work closely with our practice, and follow specific protocols to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our practice uses rehabilitation units closer to your home if SVPH, St Luke's or the Wolper Hospital are not suitable. We are happy to arrange transfer to a chosen rehabilitation facility that is convenient for you and your family.

An alternative to inpatient hydrotherapy and rehabilitation is provided by the Extended Care Physiotherapy Program (ECP) an innovation of the rehabilitation unit at St Vincent's Private Hospital. ECP means you will be discharged directly to home and a physiotherapist and rehabilitation physician will attend you at home. Only patients within our service area and those discharged within the first 5 days’ post operatively are eligible for ECP.

Day Surgery Unit, St Vincent's Clinic

We perform arthroscopic hip and knee surgery as well as minimally invasive partial knee replacement surgery in the Day Surgical Unit of St Vincent's Clinic.

Located on level 3 of St Vincent’s Clinic, the Day Surgery Unit enables patients to access a range of technically advanced medical procedures that can be performed over a short period and do not require full hospitalisation.

Patients are generally discharged directly home following surgery in the Day Surgery Unit. However, if you require hospitalisation post operatively it is possible to transfer you from the DSU to St Vincent's Private Hospital Orthopaedic Unit.

Our primary objective during your stay is to ensure that you receive the highest professional service in a compassionate, friendly and caring environment.

If you are discharged the same day following a surgical procedure in the DSU you will be contacted within 24 hours by a nurse educator to assess your progress and to answer any queries you may have.

For further information, please select the below link:
Day Surgery Unit website