OMNIBotics Total Knee Replacement

At SVBJ we are constantly striving to improve our patients outcomes by staying abreast of the latest technologies. Robotic assisted Total Knee Replacement has attracted much interest recently. However there are no convincing studies to date that show it is superior to conventional or computer assisted TKR which we have been using for over a decade.The current Robots are expensive and cumbersome and hardly user friendly.

However Omni Surgical , a US based Orthopaedic firm have developed the OMNIBotics robotic assisted TKR which uniquely allows the surgeon to not only align the knee accurately but to also balance the ligaments correctly. It has been shown to produce superior clinical results than both conventional and other robotic methods.

We are excited that St Vincents Private Hospital Sydney has partnered with SVBJ as a centre of excellence for the use of the OMNIBotics TKR system.

We believe this partnership will offer improved outcomes for our TKR patients and an opportunity for Surgeons interested in Robotic TKR to see the technique and results for themselves by establishing visitations.

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